My designs speak for themselves. But I’ve also taken the time to tell you about some of them.


Sweet book cover design for a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy

We love a happy ending. Especially when the journey to get there is full of heart and a good dose of humour. And this book cover design project for Emmy Love’s debut novel was just that.

Shelfie-worthy book cover design

Emmy Love’s debut novel is a romantic comedy about a struggling LA-based actress and a businessman looking for Miss-just-right-now. What starts as a fake date turns into a fake wedding and maybe, eventually, even love.

Such a fun story needed an equally joyful and eye-catching front cover that would give this novel shelf appeal. I created a design that captured the warmth and personality of the two main characters along with the vibrant background setting of LA.

Romcom book cover design to fall in love with

Author Emmy Love came to me with a pretty clear vision for the book cover design and how the main characters would be portrayed. She provided a brief that included a story outline and character descriptions, as well as ideas for colours and visual elements.

For the book cover design, I kept things playful, developing the characters in a way that captured their unique expressions. The pastel palette and skyline hints at the LA setting, without overwhelming the design.

The result is an enticing book cover design that encourages readers to open the cover and discover whether true love truly can be found in the strangest of circumstances.

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