My designs speak for themselves. But I’ve also taken the time to tell you about some of them.


A balanced design adds human connection to CareSuper’s website

For CareSuper’s website redesign, we put the focus back on their members – making it easy for them to find the information they need to reach their retirement goals.

Putting users at the centre of CareSuper’s website design

CareSuper is one of the largest industry super funds for professionals. The website refresh came about as a way to improve member engagement and provide a more streamlined visitor experience.

Feedback on the existing website was that it felt standoffish and cold. So the focus of the redesign was to bring in a stronger sense of warmth and human connection.

Flow happens when function meets form

The initial brief requested more depth to the website design. Now, this is an interesting term because depth can mean different things to different people. So I began by stripping back the elements to ‘break the brand’. Starting with the most basic elements, and working alongside a copywriter, I began to add back imagery, colours and visual elements to achieve a friendly, approachable and enjoyable user experience.

Another key goal of this project was to remove repetitive information and make it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for. Here, I focused on cleaning up the repeated content and looked at the form and function of all the elements of the page.

With strong brand guidelines and a clear brief to guide me, this project came together within the tight two-month timeline. The result is a confident design that reflects the CareSuper brand and puts the emphasis on its members.

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