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Careful execution of an informational booklet for CareSuper’s members

When it comes to retirement information, it’s all in the details. And when it came to designing an informational booklet for CareSuper’s members, making sure those details were clearly and succinctly presented was key.

Making retirement better for CareSuper’s members

A determination by the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) came into effect on 1 July 2022 and required all Australian superannuation funds to develop a retirement income strategy to improve long-term outcomes for members in or near retirement.

With no template set out by APRA, it was up to the funds to determine what and how the Retirement Income Strategy would be communicated to members.

Working to a strict deadline, I collaborated with the lead copywriter to produce CareSuper’s Retirement Income Strategy booklet. The goal was to create an engaging document that clearly communicated the required information and CareSuper’s own approach.

Simplifying retirement options through clear, succinct print design

Reading retirement information isn’t at the top of many people’s to do lists. So I knew that creating a visually appealing booklet was key to getting people to turn the page.

Magazine layouts provided inspiration for this project, giving me scope to push the boundaries, while maintaining CareSuper’s brand guidelines. Shapes, colours, icons and imagery add interest and excitement, making this appear not like any other dry financial document.

From briefing the project to presenting the finished booklet took only four days. The swift turnaround was due to close collaboration and a lead copywriter and flexible approach to both copy and design. An incredible result, given the complexity of information needing to be presented. While not every project can be turned around in that time, it’s a great example of what can happen when good design and copy come together.

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