My designs speak for themselves. But I’ve also taken the time to tell you about some of them.


Sowing seeds of success with logo design and branding for SOH Wild

SOH Wild were after a fresh logo for their New Zealand florist business. Perfectly picked, the logo and colour palette feels warm and sophisticated. This business is still in pre-launch and getting ready to bloom.

Florist logo design and branding that’s the pick of the bunch

SOH Wild is an up and coming florist offering bouquets and bunches via market stalls and online deliveries along the Kāpiti Coast. Founder Sarah O’Hagen was after a logo that would reflect a modern, romantic and earthy aesthetic.

It’s always a joy to work on a brand identity from just the seed of an idea. Especially when that brand is a small, local business. Sarah’s trust in my creative process led to me developing a bunch of concepts to pick from.

A florist by any other name

At the start of the project, Sarah hadn’t quite decided on the name for her florist business. So the vision board for her brand included inspiration on style and direction for the colour palette as well as potential business names. This way Sarah could see how the brand name and logo would work in situ.

With a name chosen, the brand identity began to take shape. Drawing inspiration from a romantically-rustic aesthetic, I took up my iPad to sketch out some floral designs. Moving over to the computer, I refined these sketches further and matched them up with fonts and colour.

The final brand incorporates a sophisticated and inviting colour palette to perfectly complement Sarah’s stunning floral arrangements. The custom hand drawn floral logomark can be combined with the wordmark or appear on its own on packaging, stickers and stationery.

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